FagoTrace B.V. was founded in 2011 and is a small biotech spin-off company
of Erasmus MC (Rotterdam, NL), active in the Life Sciences with a strong focus
on In Vitro Diagnostics. The main activities of FagoTrace are Research
and Development for the design of prototype diagnostic kits.

To develop novel flow cytometric diagnostics for early detection and monitoring of disease, thereby contributing to healthy ageing and quality of life.


To become a world leading company by developing innovative diagnostics, while taking good care of employees and environment.

The new immunobiological concept which will be used by FagoTrace is expected to provide a breakthrough in the ability to measure human health condition and to diagnose disease in an early stage. It is expected to be an answer to the increasing costs of health care and to the demand for companion diagnostics and personalized medicine.

The product is a minimally invasive diagnostic test to be used on blood samples in a regular clinical diagnostic laboratories using standard flow cytometry equipment. The fast and easy diagnostic test (performed within 2 hours after arrival of the blood sample) has broad applications in medicine can be best compared to body scans, like CT, PET or MRI, without the high costs and negative effects for the patient (no radiation). Just a blood sample is sufficient.

For more information or collaboration: info@fagotrace.com

Postal address: Den Berg 48, 4661 KZ Halsteren (municipality of Bergen op Zoom)
Visiting address: Dr. Molewaterplein 50, 3015 GE Rotterdam, Netherlands